Brief Introduction of Landmaster

Established in 2003 and starting from professional real estate appraisal, Landmaster has now become a real estate servicing organization integrating appraisal consulting, reconnaissance.& mapping, broking, software developing, information release, printing, business service, and investment consulting. There are eight companies directly under the Organization: Beijing Land Real Estate Appraisal Co. Ltd; Beijing Land Pan-potamic Survey and Mapping Co. Ltd; Beijing Hongding Real Estate Broking Co. Ltd; Beijing Fangjian Information Technology Center; Beijing Qiannianxi Printing Co. Ltd; Beijing Pan-potamic Business Service Co. Ltd; Beijing Land Pan-potamic Investment Consulting Co. Ltd. and Zhongbei Joint (Beijing) Information Consulting Co. Ltd.

Based on the advantage of combining real estate, information technology and presswork, with the cooperation of professional companies, Landmaster has achieved sustainable development. Since its establishment, Landmaster has provided hundreds of real estate project,s including many significant engineering projects in Beijing, with all-around services including investment consulting, project designing, real estate appraisal, mapping, commercial house marketing, after service, property right certificate transaction and real property bidding service. Meanwhile, the Organization also assisted real estate administrative departments in issuing the booklet of "House Price in Beijing", printing uniform-formatted commercial house dealing contacts and conducting huge amount of market investigation, analysis and research. In order to promote the housing construction of central government organs in Beijing, Landmaster helped finish the work of construction project's approval, pricing, distribution, propert right perfection and evacuation of old houses. All these high-quality services have won the consistent praise of its clients and real estate administrative departments. Landmaster has now expanded its business to the nation-wide market.

As the technical maintaining and supporting unit for the Beijing Real Estate Transaction Administration Network and Beijing Real Estate Intermediary Society Information Network, Landmaster plays a vital role in the normalization of real estate market administration and in the construction of transaction information system. The technical training conducted by Landmaster has provided financial institutions, real estate developers, marketing agencies with utmost convenience and supporting in getting familiar with real estate management laws and regulations and mastering system's operation.

The entire staff of Landmaster always remembers firmly that "providing every single client with the highest quality service" is the enterprise's operation tenet. The Organization and its staff spare no efforts to improve service quality and techniques comprehensively, strictly control risks, ensure work quality and have built up a good enterprise image and credit standing in the industry and the whole society through their own down-to-earth hard work.

The headquarters of Landmaster are located in the Hi-tech Mansion BUPT, in the Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Park, close to Beijing Post and Electric University, Yuandadu Ruins Park and Xiaoyue River. Two branches have been set up respectively in Construction Building and Baihuan Jiayuan, the former engaged in information development and technical training, the latter in painting and printing. The two branches together with the headquarters have formed a comprehensive real estate service network.

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